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Working With Others

How simiar do my co-workers, friends, and organizations have to be with my objectives in order for us to succeed?  Everybody is human and I understand that no one will have the same motivation to acheive mutually agreed upon goals.  When I have worked with members on a class project or among peers in the Corps of Cadets, my first step is to establish what is the purpose of forming this group?  What is expected in our roles?  



Within my first outfit, SQ-18 in the Corps of Cadets, my freshmen class was determined to be the best fish in every manner to include academics, physical fitness, and military discipline.  Anyone deviatating from our standard of excellence was essentially removed from the organization, or they quit from the social pressure of not conforming to our purpose to be perfect.  

Our greatest challenge was earning "Corps Brass".  The culmination of this rite of passage was coming together to build our freshman project.  Over the span of two days we created a sign that displayed our dedication to each of the Corps of Cadets values we were supposed to be earning.            

After completing the class project, our class knew all the training and time we spent together meant that we could overcome any obstacle in life by depending on one another. The entirety of Corps Brass lasts for three weeks and greatly tested our resilience.  This project is a mere fraction of the loyalty and commitment that we harbor towards one another.  As iron sharpens iron, man sharpens man.                                         

Each of us had a certain skill set that efficiently and qualitatively resulted in an outstanding class sign.  My former room mate, Ben Newman, knew how to work with wood and delegated smaller projects to the other members of our class on cutting.  Mike Smith was quite adept at designing and refining the sign, and used a dremmel to craft the face of a frog.  Daniel Bernhard was a great artist and made several sketches to use for making a frog face.  Everyone had a role whether that was supporting or actually doing the work.  

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