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Creating New Opportunities


Colonel Kenneth Allison, US Airforce retired, Associate Director of the Hollingsworth Leadership Excellence Program, became the point of contact for the remaining companies looking for great talent to fill their ranks.  Every company I had to decline opportunity with I forwarded to Colonel Allison.  

In my graduating semester the difficulty of securing employment has been ardous as it has been frustrating.  Finally after over 6 months of seeking a job, I accepted an offer to work as an Area Manager.  I still had companies calling me in for interviewing and had to decline their invitations.  But this would not be the end of my relationship with these recruiters. 




Through the Corps of Cadets professional development program, I know there are still many graduating seniors seeking employment.  I saw immediately my chance to open the door for job oppurtunities to cadets.  In particular a Zales Corporation recruiter became increasingly interested in hiring cadets because I suggested that she could recruit some top notch leaders in the Corps.  

I can't do the interviewing or get the job for future cadets, but I have established some contacts that they will have the chance to reach out to for possible employment.  

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