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Problem Solving

About 3 hours into our skiing escapade, my younger brother and I started realizing that we were encountering some heavy winds and snow fall.  We decided to stop for a short break to see if the conditions would improve.  After waiting for 15 minutes, we were freezing and wanted to get off the mountain.  So we assumed the route we skied down would take us back to our starting point.  We ended up in another town.  The snow fall was becoming more fierce, and we needed to get back to our original location.  

In December 2012, my family and I traveled to Zurich, Switzerland to ski and enjoy a little bit of Europe.  The slopes we skied on were called Flumserberg.  Many Europeans are fluent in english and it was easy to procure some ski equipment without much difficulty.  The routes that my brother and I decided to ski on were pretty self explanatory and required nothing more than a quick mental note on where we intended to go.  Little did we know that there would be a incoming blizzard that could strand on us on the mountain.  

We decided to go back up the top of the mountain, and brave the winds and ensueing snow fall.  We didn't understand how to read Swiss, so we had to rely on our memory to guide us back to our starting point.  The peak was actually quite clear, but we could see the impending doom and gloom of the cloud cover at our feet.  There was no other alternative, so we turned into the storm and made it back to our start point.  


This was a silly time, and my brother and I were not in any real danger at the time, but our ability to piece together information in a foreign country proved that we could figure out what we needed to do.  

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