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Hello! My name is Ryan! I was born in southern Californian, and grew up most my life in Austin, TX. I have family in Hawaii and I love spending time with them every chance we can. I enjoy running; spending time with family and friends; and supporting my alma mater Texas A&M University. 


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"We need each other. Arrogance and pride pretend we don't. The lie of rugged individualism that is so prevalent in this country creates an illusion that we are not and should not be dependent on other people."


James C. Hunter, Author

"In childhood, we start out being completely dependent. We develop to the point where independence seems the most important thing in the world. Then, maturity, at whatever age it comes, brings an understanding of interdependence, an understanding that we need one another."

Commentary by Lt. General John Van Alstyne, US Army Retired

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